That moment, when he looks up at you and shoves his tongue in your cunt.

…and then gets a mouthful of another man’s cum already shot inside you.

…and doesn’t care.

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Good boy, we’ll start with kissing and then sucking, if you do a good job i’ll reward you with the asspounding of a lifetime..

It’s a new year time for you to try new things.. bigger things.

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I’d love her gorgeous cock inside me…


I swear my sphincter just twitched at the thought…

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Feels good, doesn’t it? See, I told you. We don’t need your cock to have sex.


On Her afternoon’s off he knows he just has to go with it.


better be ready .. because she is !

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I hope you kept that buttplug in your ass all night like i told you to because as you can see you’ll need some stretching if you want to take what I have to give

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